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Entered into the the Halloween Competition 2019 organised by "Phaze101, Commodore Creators, AMIGA Malta User Club, Commodore 64 Malta User Club and AMIGA Game Developers Facebook groups, in special collaboration with Double Sided Games". Visit their website (https://doublesidedgames.com/) to look through their games and give them the support they deserve.

Written in 6502 assembly using KickAssembler, this game was 95% coded in a single sitting during a 13 hour Twitch marathon stream using assets donated by my viewers. Additional testing and bug fixing (5-6 hours) was done in the following few days to get it ready for submission. The stream can be watched through the VODs on my channel (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/499895291)

The code is available on my Github @  https://github.com/smnjameson/LetsMakeAHalloweenGame. While this code is supplied for educational purposes as per the competition rules, it must be noted that its far from the best approach to doing things and certainly not the tidiest or most efficient code you will ever read. I can however recommend my Twitch channel should you want to learn C64 assembly and meet others with the same goals.


You must guide Luna the witch through a never ending series of caves while avoiding and dispatching of enemies. As you progress Luna will fly faster and faster and the caves will get tighter and tighter. If you build up the power bar by killing enough spooky enemies you'll gain rapid fire for a short while. Destory all enemies in a wave to receive a points bonus. How far can you get??!


Joystick in port 2

Title Menu Left and Right to enable/disable music Fire Button to start the game

In Game Up, Down, Left and Right to control Luna Fire Button to Shoot stars for dispatching enemies

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCommodore 64, infinite-runner, joystick, pixel, Pixel Art

Install instructions

Requires a Commodore 64 or emulator


Luna.d64 170 kB
luna.prg 12 kB


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I like the style of this webpage. The font, the colors.

But, about the game..
Seeing how the player character always died in the video I have to say this is an incorrect game. The enemy (usually bats) comes fast from down of the screen, flying before of the graphics and it appears really near to the which. You can't avoid an attack like that. First time it happens at 1:22 in the video. How did they get there? They can fly in front of the ground graphics but the which can't fly there. This is an incorrect way to make harder the game. Even without this it is already hard enough.

The game is intentionally designed to be very very hard. Some players have been able to get to wave 80+ it just takes patience and some strategy :)