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A very good puzzle-game where the solutions are often much simpler than those we imagine ^^ !

Does the game purchase include a box art image? I noticed that a physical edition of the game had box art, and was wondering this is art is available if available with the digital version as well, as I like having box art for each of my games.

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Endsquence in version 1.1 is still buggy on NTSC, so crackers had to fix it 100%. V1.2 coming?

BTW. The Laxity crack of V1.0 worked fine besides the missing NTSC fix of the endsequence which was still as bugging on NTSC as the original.

No the Laxity NTSC fix made the code entry extremely glitchy and almost unusable. But  I wouldn't expect  a cracker to know how to actually QA stuff. Re: the end sequence it appears to be ok for me on NTSC, but ill take a closer look  in the coming days, thanks :)


Games are bound to be cracked, but cases like this tells crackers with class from crackers without...

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- Proper NTSC support unlike the terrible version  "cracked" by Laxity that broke the code entry, didn't slow the music properly and broke the completion screen


Currently PAL but look out for an NTSC update 1.1 in the next few days

Is this game compatible with C64 mini?

It is though id recommend a usb keyboard as you will need for entering codes and spacebar for reset level.


I think I could manage with virtual keyboard in this case, but thanks for the info :)

Going to make a purchase :) Cheers!

Stuck at level 15 plz send halp

I can give you one clue. Start by moving the first mirror the laser is hitting to the left. Hope that helps!

Yeah I went that way but nothing happened but ran out of moves :(

Anyway to turn off the scrolling text while playing the game.

Unfortunately not sorry 

Thanks for the reply and great game by the way.

Anyway to turn off Level 24 during the game? :P

Can be done in 18 moves, just saying ... :)


Thanks so much for making a brilliant puzzle game like Deflektor again! It's a real breath of fresh air to have new puzzles and challenges like this! :)

Great platformer! Gameplay:


Awesome game Shallan, as usual ;) that was great fun ! Amok.